So I gave my other two blogs a make over, I decided it was high time for this blog to have one as well. Check out the new look and the goodies I added. I carried some of the important links over from my HS Links blog and added them here for you. If you want more goodies, you will have to check out the HS Links blog. It would be a lot of work to add everything over here that is there and it would honestly clutter this blog.

I am making a schedule to get back on a regular posting on my blogs. But I wont be posting as often as I am wanting to space time between blogs and more importantly make sure I am not putting blogging above family and schooling. So I wont be on during the days, just the evening and if anything I may just keep posting for the end of the week recaps. 🙂

I hope you will still join me as things slowly but surely come together.

Happy Schooling Everyone!


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  Renee wrote @

I love it

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