Beginning of Our Fossils

So today we did the beginning part of our fossils. Yesterday we went on a hunt down the trail and through out the yard to find things to fossilize. Obviously you see more then just fossils above in our picture.  Our clay is drying and tomorrow hopefully we will begin the phase 2 part of the fossilizing. 
This was tons of fun. Kids could not decide if they liked their fossil or not so they redone them about 3 times. Lol!  
We used:  
  • A few different leaves (different sizes)
  • Acorn
  • Nut shell
  • Tree Branch
Our fossil is not just consisting one item like I thought they would do. The liked the idea of blending their fossil. Lol, So ok we did that.. 🙂
Today we also did a lesson on the LadyBug. You can see in the picture their ladybugs they made and a worksheet we also did a midst a few other things relating to the lady bug.
We learned:
  • About the Life Cycle of a Ladybug
  • Process of Metomorphis 
  • Habitat of Ladybugs
  • What bug the eat most – “Amphids” (This poor bug happens to be our next bug to learn about)
  • Anatomy of a Ladybug
  • Do you know how many different kinds of ladybugs their are? We do now!
Tomorrow if all is go for our fossils,  I will post our fossil pictures after they are done with all steps.
I listed what I could find on the ladybugs below.
Ladybug Resources:

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  Renee wrote @

those turned out GREAT!

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