NRA Gun Safety Site – Free HS Material

This site was posted on the HSL and I wanted to repost i there for you to view.
It was noted that you can call or email and ask them about the free material they have for homeschoolers on Gun Safety. They have a DVD and free coloring pages or coloring books and stickers. If you are interested you can contact the site below. 🙂



  Renee wrote @

what was blocked?

  Renee wrote @

There was a kid not far from me, night before last the family was asleep, heard a noise, went in the one boy shot himself with a shot gun i think, they are ruling it an accident 😦

  homeschool101 wrote @

O wow that is terrible. We had a kid here shoot his younger brother think he was 6 yo but the 13 yo did it on purpose and then an other kid in public school shot a kid and said he was trying to kill them said he wished he would of shot the cop to. YIPES!

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