Ideas of our Classroom set up

Ok, I wanted to post these here to as I have had them on my other blog. Since more are coming to this blog for ideas and links, I thought this would be of good help on ideas for schooling.

I got in to the workboxes but I didnt like all that I read or seen. I am not all about totes and boxes all over my house considering my dining room turned in to the school room. No more clump crud. Lol. So my workboxes are the black drawers you see in the picture. Now I have since added a new hutch/desk and rearranged a bit more in my recent cleaning. I will see if I can get them pictures up later on. Mostly minor changes.

I have also implemented Binders into our day. My little ones have binders holding all of their Phonics/Number etc pages. We go through and pull out our daily work and then put them back in. Those again will have to be pics added later. WE finally have our computer station up and I do have some of our pocket charts and again added and changed some up.You can see our library of books, documentaries, etc. This is just an idea to help you come up with ideas to better help organize. Have a blessed week.


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  Renee wrote @

Great Photos.Hey can I get the codes for the Native American & Pilgrim SitesMoon learningscience :)my e-mail is autumnintx23@ymail.comThanks a bunch :)Oh son is healing, so is jeff.Jacob goes back to eye docs September 1st and jeff this coming monday…

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