Free Health Curric Kits

This site is a part of the USDA part to the side in the drop down box. I just didnt add this one because I didnt know if anyone would know what it was for.

This site is the order from site for some of Health resources and Health curriculum they offer to the schools for free. We are homeschoolers and we are entitled to them as well. They have the Pyramid posters and worksheets, lessons and even help you get a healthy start on how to eat nutritionally or learn to eat more healthier if you are on a new journey to eat and teach how to eat healthier. I just got my goodies in the mail today -minus-  a few things I had to reorder because they were out of them when I placed my order. I love the Kits I got to teach you how to plan, shop and train yourself to eat healthier.

We have been on this quest for a while, I have learned alot and still learn new things daily. So exciting and fun. Have a great evening.


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