Native American Fun…

So excited. Starting Tuesday we are diving in on the Native lessons and fun.  Two whole weeks learning, making crafts, recipes and wrapping it up with a mini movie on Indians, and Heading to a weekend of Festivites.

We will also mix in some colonial, a lesson lapbook on Johnny Appleseed since festival will be apart of our weekend of fun.

I am in the midst of making my own weaving stand. I will post on it when I get it done tom. The craft we are going to do said use a box or 2 sticks. Well it is just too time consuming and requires 2 people to help it work. From what I have read they had a stand [ we will call it ] made from wood and they sat under it indian style and weaved their making. So the two stick method is a BOMB!

So when I get the stand made I will post it and show you. I am making it out of left over material I had in my garage from an other item. Lol! 🙂

This is going to be fun. Keep stopping by to see our latest. 🙂

Have a great Holiday!


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