Kindergarten Calendar [Think forgot to post]

I couldnt remember if I posted about my Calendar or not. I got this calendar at the Dollar Tree by us. It cam in a package of Two Calendar backdrops only. I had the numbers I found on computer printed up and ready previously. But Dollar tree also had the numbers and the months which I did buy the months. I like them better then what I printed up. I wanted to laminate the calendar but was not big enough as I tried the other backdrop. Horrible. So I took the calendar and made it in to the weather calendar. Just like this only I printed up pictures of the weather so that I can have my daughters or son tell me what the weather looks like outside. Simple interactive learners. This only cost me $1 for the 2 calendars and $1 for the months. I already had the laminating supply and I have a rather large amount of Ink for my printer as well as paper supply. So I really only spent $2 for the calendar and months. Ohps and velcro – The velcro dots I got at walmart I bought 2 packages of 80 that cost me $6 a piece so roughly $15. If I added the velcro but I needed that for a few other projects anyways which is why I got the bigger packages. The smaller package of dots was 24 dots for $2.47. Either way I still saved an additional $15. The calendar kit sold all together is around $30 +. Ouch. Still a good savings, which I definately like!


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