Roman Numerals – Ack

I detest Roman Numerals. Blah! Lol! We are working on Roman Numeral Recaps again.

[ Lord, Who ever made Roman Numerals – God Bless em, Please tell them they are a Pain in my hiney! Amen! ] 😉

To the side of Uhm… The Right side – I believe of the screen are Roman Numeral links for learning. Scroll down some… I will be adding more links later on. I had to take a break with my fathers health so I havent finished up the adding and rearranging so be patient with me, PLEAAAASSSSEEEEE! Lol!

{Hear some sarcasim in my post}

Lol! Well I have a few things left to do and we are wrapping our unusual day up. Then I am heading over to get a few posts ready for this week on a study I have been doing.

I would like to invite you to drop over to my other blog {Button at top uhm, Left or Right side of screen, Lol!} I dont see my blog much other then when I drop in time to time {Lol!} to ensure it dont look rediculously funny! I trust you would tell me if it looks rediculously crazy at a time, Atleast I hope you would Lol! O what a day, I am in a crazy beyond crazy mood.

Anyhooo, 😉 if you want to drop by my other blog this week, I am posting about Water and Why water is good for you. You know we already know water is good for us, but do we really know why Water is good for us? I’ll be truthful I thought I knew until I heard why it really is good for us, then I had thoughts of Wow, I didnt know this, I thought it was just for this reason or this reason it was good. Well, If you didnt know Water was good for you or you think you know why it is good for you – Come drop by this week to view the post. It will probably be mid week when I begin posting as their will be a few different posts and I will link them all together. By Friday I hope to wrap up the study on water to begin the next series for next week. So please drop by to check it out! You will definately be suprised I am certain of this. I was really suprised! {@_@}

Blessings Everyone!


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