Workbox Systems ??

Ok so it is all new to me. I have followed others that have been using this, I am kicking myself because I found a blog that had a great setup with less space used. She had a tall Cubby shelving/bookcase if you will. It was 2 cubbies wide and 8 cubbies up. It looked perfect for what I need to use up. I am all about saving space and less tackieness with totes. I love the idea but I hate using totes for everything it just annoys me to no end. I dont know why!

I thought I saved this blog and the site but I can not find it anywhere. Blah! Anyway, I am considering this set up like the blog I have seen. For 4 kids 2 of which are schooling but the other 2 can do preschool with my soon to be Kindergartener. Yes that is a 2 soon to be 3, almost 4 year old in one week and a soon to be 5 year old. [with my soon to be 12 year old] Wow! So the idea of alot of totes really is turning me off. If I can find ways to use less space and less totes I am going for it.

If you have some ideas or you have seen this blog that has the setup of a cubby workbox let me know. The cubby work box it more taller then wider and looks to be made out of wood.

I know it seems as tho I am being to picky, Yes I really am for one reason. My house is not as big as we need it and right now my schooling is in my dining room which happens to be the 2 room you see as you come in the front door entering the living room. So neatness is a priority and tackieness is not! My dining table has been pushed to my living room and cut my living room in half. We live in a 2 story cracker box house 3 bedrooms for time being this will do. I am trying to be content as we are searching for a home that will fit our family. So it is only a temporal arrangement once we sell I can think about that bridge as we cross it.

Shoot me some ideas of what you have or what you have seen. I am game for any ideas.

Thanks everyone, God Bless you!


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