Alphabet Lapbook

Ok, So I forgot to post this one. It is big. Sorry I didnt get it posted on Sunday. I adventured out on this one. I snatched things from all over and made alot on my own. I will put some of the references of what I did use below the lap book.

Items you will need:

Manilla file folders ( 5 – 6)
White paper (any type – I used Cardstock and Printing Paper)
Few Med/Large Index cards

You will want to place the folders together how you want them and staple the center of them together. If you dont have a stapler with the long end to it for center book stapling, just fold the back half of the folders in two times and staple.

The bookmarks are made by me. I made a sheet with the letters big enough and spaced enough to add pictures for that letter under it. [Ex A is for apple, ant, animals etc.] This took a while but well worth it. You will need to google the pictures or clip arts which ever you use and then resize them for the bookmark.

I used clip arts from google to pate abc on there, then I folded the paper width wise ___ folded it up, about a half inch to inch, to make the folder pocket. Then I cut the paper to size and folded the two sides /__ / (sides are my sideway lines.) I folded them back behind the paper so all you see is my folded pocket I made. I glued the sides to the back and then glued the whole thing to the folder and put my items in the pocket I made. If you are like me and you need a visual I will have to take a picture on post it in another post in few. Sorry, I didnt shoot that one as I shot these pics.
In my pockets I have Uppercase Letters and Lowercase Letters cut out for Matching Letter Game. Match uppercase with lowercase letters.

Here is a close up of my bookmarks with added pics. This is to help her remember that letter ? is for ?. Also to help with the sound learning.

I got the mini books merely from googling them. I will add my reference sites below.

This is another mini book, It is a flower matching book. You can do two of one things with this. I pasted it on in stair steps like you see, so you can lift them up and view each page. Now I cut the letters out and this book is for pasting the letters on and match to correct flower. I decided we could paste and match or we could use it as a game. SO, we may do both, use game first and later go back and paste for recap.

Letter pieces in my pocket flap for the flower match book you see in pic.

Same book just showing you how I pasted it down in a stair step look so you can flip pages up and match.

These next pictures are all the alphabet letters in mini books. I found these on a website and instead of stapeling them all together I took up several pages of the folders for another stair step look. Now she has not done these yet, I had hope to get her on them today but she has been down sick. Maybe tomorrow. These are traceable mini books. I love them. They can color the picture, learn the sound, read it and trace it all in one book. Again My site ref will be below the lap book pictures.

Now to the right side of the bottom picture you can see a game board piece. I made this on a sight so I could make a game with alphabet learning. The Uppercase & Lowercase letters at the beginning of the lapbook can be your game pieces. So you dont have many pieces all over the place. This game I noted two games basically the same only one is individual learning as they have learned them they can go back and play the game in a recap alone or they can do the came as you call the picture out. Basically you will take the letters (either uppercase or lowercase letters, your choice) Call the animal out and match the right letter to the animal or have them place the letter to the right animal that they think it goes with. I didnt do the animals out of order I did them alphabetically as with new learners it is best to keep them in order so they are not confused at the order sequence.

Closer view of the game page. You can make your own game boards on the site I noted below.

of course we cant leave out the alphabet and what it looks like. Lol. So I pasted it on the last page. It really is alot of work but well worth it for your little learner. I did alot of research and there really was not much to choose from as far as alphabet book. Alot are taking folders or clean paged books and spending alot of time on each individual letter and adding alot of information which is good in some cases. Every child learns differently. With Abs I didnt feel we needed to spend alot on each letter because she has learned so much over this last year in preschool she really is ready for Kindergarten for the most part so we really dont need to spend alot of time on learning the Alphabet.

If your child happens to be one that needs more you can make a brief one like this and add more to each page, thus adding more file folders or you can take a few ideas I have placed on here and make your lapbook more individualize with a few pages of learning on each letter. Be creative with it.
Some went as far as pasting pictures of places like Austrailia and some culture information. I felt that was a bit indepth and could add more frustration and confusion to the learning so I kept it simple and basic.
We are learing our places and culture things at different times. It is best not to overwhelm in the learning. Here pretty soon we will be doing a lapbook with all the kids on Japan since daddy will be visiting there for a few weeks for work in Jan/Feb. This will be a great time for them to learn about Japan and the culture their since Daddy will be there and hopefully daddy can bring back some things for the kids to let them see Japan in a hands on manner. I cant wait. Yay!

Reference sites I used for Mini books and few other things:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask or if you would like to use a few things I have used, I saved them on disc so I can try to email you with what I have. It will save the work, I know!

Blessings everyone!

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