Count Turkeys Lapbook # 1-15

Counting Turkeys (Preschool – First Grade)
I did this is like a book. I have two file folders stapled together to give me the alotted space I needed for each number ( 1 – 15 ) that is covered.
I used 5-6 full pieces of white cardstock paper to keep my flaps folded down and closed. Depending on the size of your turkeys, You can get 2 – 3 flaps made per each paper used.
You can use any kind of paper you want, with the gluing of the turkey pictures I didnt want a mess so I used the cardstock.
[ I tried to add my already made turkey pictures, to save you from having to remake them. It wont let me add them on her unless I use my camera. I am not sure how that will turn out, so I have one of two options for you, You can ask me to send them via email, or you can copy and paste the picture of the Turkey I have attached and make your own.]

Copy & Paste this Turkey, You can use in word perfect or microsoft word.

You will need to resize and adjust the more #’s you do.


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