Learning Emotions Kite

In making my kites that I had previously posted on (post on Preschooling & Elementary in archives) I decided that what better way to teach on the different feelings then take pictures of my kids making them feelings and elaminating them to hang under my kite with the name of their emotion they are making.. I thought I would pass this along to you.

In making the facial expressions it was much more difficult drawing each one out, plus I feel they will better relate to the expression by seeing their expressions they have made.

I encourage you to be creative in making schooling fun for the little ones. The more hands on you make school the more fun they have and the more they will learn.
This spring and soon to be summer, I have been garage saling for different things. I was able to find a good sand box table that I had wanted last year and roughly costs $70.00. I found one a preschool was saling and in great condition exactly what I needed. So I am hoping in the saling I find more ways to create an easy hands on fun learning atmoshere for my kids to learn. I have also found and eazel for them as well. I have recently rearranged my schooling area and now am working on my elementary things for my older daughter. I have not posted much previously on what we have been doing really because it has been a little up and down and here and there all over so I just have been busy to post. But I am trying to update you and throw out some things here and there. I will post you in moment some pictures of my kites I am making and I am sorry I dont have my emotions complete yet but when I complete them I will post and show you. To give you an idea of what I am talking about.

You dont have to tape these to the wall you can use the putty or rubber glue to the wall or if you have a poster board or dedicated wall you can use as well. I am trying to work more space in for our area for my little ones. LOL. I will post that more later on.. Well God bless you and I will post a few of my kites I have completed..


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