Full or Partial Diagnosis of DS & Genetics

Recently I received a good question on the Down Syndrome, if you could have a partial diagnosis.. So to this question, I wanted to share that I have done some research to get you some links to look into..

I have a relative that has a DS daughter and I know only a little about it myself. I just adore this little one.. I hope this helps give you some better answers and helps lead you in the right direction..

I want to encourage everyone to press the doctors for information. DO NOT be afraid to ask any questions or to back down or give up because you have a doctor not giving you answers.. Keep searching. God will lead you to the right place or person to give you the answers you need.. Stand up for you little one and if you feel like the answer you have receive is not the right answer keep searching, get a second or third or even fourth opinion.. Do not give up until you are confident that you have the right diagnosis.. Good luck my friends and I will be praying for you..
God Bless!

Down Syndrome – Advice for Parents

Follow your own instincts. No one knows your child better than you, not even the “experts.” It is a roller coaster ride, but the happiness they bring doesn’t come close to the ride! Enjoy.
—Guest Patricia Ryan

(To view more on this article above, please copy this link below:
http://specialchildren.about.com/u/ua/youradviceneeded/yourdsadvice.htm )

Sorry again you will need to copy & paste links..

The cause of full or partial DS


The Genetics of Down Syndrome


The next three links cover on a partial diagnosis..



The link below is the article that covers the siblings in a larger view:


Prenatal Screening For DS


Dermal Configurations in the Diagnosis of the Down Syndrome


More about DS


Down Syndrom Learning Center


PHG Foundation on DS


Cardiac Problems for DS


More info on DS


ASK.com shares on DS


Caring for babies with DS



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